William Tattnall Rush

I provide passionate representation in all family law matters, including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, division of property, and every other aspect involving family law.

As a father of two children and former felony prosecutor, I saw the pain and confusion families endure when facing divorce or separation. The outcomes of these cases affect virtually every aspect of the future. The legal, psychological, educational, vocational, financial, and health of every family member is at stake.

Family Law became a calling instead of a career.

After years of trial and litigation experience working as a felony prosecutor, I decided to use my skill and experience to help people enduring a family legal dispute. I now offer my extensive training and experience in litigation, jury trials, bench trials, motions practice, oral argument, and negotiation exclusively to the practice of family law.

A good lawyer can understand the law and argue the facts of their client’s case. A great lawyer understands the human needs of his client, connects with those needs, and passionately works to achieve the best results.
This passion is what I bring to every case. I combine my passion with my experience as a trial attorney and litigator to fight for your needs.

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